Arm Bending in Kendo. Watch the video.  Listen to the audio podcast.

This is the Aaron Learns Kendo Podcast’s third episode.  I’ll give you an insight on what I’ve learned through practicing ‘intentional arm bending’.  I’ve found that this technique is rarely discussed.  I’ve heard it’s called ‘Kumamoto Hiki Men’.  I explain the process of developing these unusual strikes.

My training method and what method of arm bending appears to work well in keiko are explained.  Per usual, I don’t put any ads in these videos or audio.  I’d appreciate it if you like, subscribe, follow and comment on these posts to help me reach more people. Also, your comments are a huge help in my personal kendo.  It also adds to the online conversation of kendo.  That’s what I’m really here to do.

This podcast and video are based on this blog post from earlier in the week: