A Kendo Gi Hanger

From a single bamboo

Shinai Stave



The bamboo shinai sword used in kendo has four vertical pieces of bamboo that are commonly referred to as shinai staves.

This dogi (uniform top) hanger is a single bamboo stave from a shinai and a hook.  Other long rods can be used.  Shinai staves from broken shinai are often laying around in a storage area of a dojo or the closet of a dojo friend.  This makes them perfect for hangers, I think.

Normal clothing hangers seem to stretch out the shoulders of keikogi. 

Our dogi are so boxy. My dojo founder and teacher Wendy Sinclair Sensei isn’t all that happy about how even the women’s gi is a box.  These modern clothing hangers just don’t work well on these traditional Japanese garments.  The underarms of the dogi dry significantly slower.  The hanger is too short.

After washing your kendo keikogi, drying on this hanger will significantly reduce the time it takes to dry. This is when you compare it to a modern hanger.

Shinai staves will fit in a shinai bag, so it’s also easy to carry.

Kendo Gi hanger for the dryest possible dogi.